Add it into your course

If you're running a course about event management, corporate events, or have a small part about events, mention RSVPify. Our most successful affiliates promote us on autopilot in their existing flows.

Share the story of using it in emails

Whether you have a newsletter, a nurture sequence, or regular promotional blasts, consider adding RSVPify. Remember, to educate your audience on the power of social proof.

Include it into social posts or threads

Creating a post or thread on Twitter, LinkedIn, Threads or X? Include RSVPify. Video assets work REALLY well on these platforms. Finish the post with a link to RSVPify

Add it to your list of favourite tools

Do you have a list of your favourite tools? Many of our affiliates do, as their audience often ask for tips on what tools to use.

Share it in your community

One of the most effective ways to drive high-quality and high converting traffic to RSVPify is with a personal recommendation in your community. If people are asking about event management platforms experience or recommendation, it's a natural time to mention RSVPify.

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